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24hr Emergency Electricians Information

An emergency electrician is a tradesman in the UK who specialises in the repair or installation of electrical wiring in an emergency.  This can include emergency electrical work as part of a residential property, commercial premises or machinery. 

A 24hr Emergency Electricians may also be employed to install new electrical components or to maintenance and repair the existing electrical installation.

24hr Emergency Electricians in the UK are required to pass a series of qualifications to be deemed qualified and competent enough to legally be allowed to install any electrical wiring.  The general standards are set within a variety of electrician's regulations such as BS7671 - Electrical Installations, Building Regulations which require work to be designed, installed and maintained according to those standards or better.

When faced with an emergency electrical problem either at your work premises or at your home, be sure that the emergency electrician you are using if fully trained and fully qualified to the appropriate standards.

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