24hr Emergency Glazing

24hr Emergency Glazing Information

24hr emergency glazing is the work that is performed by a professional 'glazier'. This type of 24hr emergency glazing service is used by customers in the event of a pane of glass cracking or breaking that, if not fixed promptly, could compromise the buildings security.  This could be for a residential address, retail premises, commercial building etc. 

In many cases, if a large pane of glass has cracked or been shattered at the front of a shop then it may not be able to be replaced straight due to a large number of shop windows being of a larger size, the 24hr emergency glazing company will use sheets of ply wood to board up the window until the window pane can be replaced. 

In most cases, if a smaller pane of glazing has been broken then due to the size these can be replaced in a shorter time frame by the 24hr emergency glazing company as many 24hr emergency glazing companies will hold these in stock.

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